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Documentary Analysis

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Factual moving image productions
There are many types of genres that come under the overall category of ‘Factual’. There ones that inform the viewers, educate and provide solely as entertainment.
The variations of factual productions are: Documentary, News-Broadcasts, Fly-On-The-wall, Biographical, Public participation, chat shows and fact based entertainment. These tend to include key features such as psychographics, persuasive devices, provide information, and attend to a target audience. A factual product differentiates from a promotional/fictional product. A factual product is designed to inform and educate the viewer; however, a fictional production is more towards ...view middle of the document...

The main purpose of these types of shows is to entertain the viewers and inform the audience of their lives. This type of show is commonly known as a reality show. However, it is said that many parts of the shows are scripted. ‘Big brother’ is one of these shows. The show is generally targeted towards teens and early 20’s who are more likely to stay up late at night (after the watershed of 9pm). The general viewers are female rather than male. Also, the person watching is more likely to be single than in a relationship of married with a family.
Public participation is also a common type of show produced for TV. These shows attract millions of viewers and are generally aired on a Saturday night. This portrays that the audience profile would be more towards families. Shows like this would be: X Factor, Total Wipeout. These shows must include the public by either having them as contestants or allowing them to vote. The range of an audience becomes wider due to the relatives of the contestants watching and spreading the show through word of mouth.
Talk/chat shows are widely popular. Shows like ‘the Jonathan Ross Show’ and ‘Graham Norton Show’ are well-known. Their purpose is to entertain the audience. Young adults and teenagers would be the main audience profile for these shows as the chat show hosts target celebrities that are well known among this age range. Families aren’t likely to watch this type of show together due to children being unable to watch as the show may contain explicit content. The gender for this show wouldn’t be any in particular out of male and female. However, when researching, it becomes apparent that the celebrities are more targeted towards to a female audience.
Fact based entertainment would be shows that don’t generally fit into the typical genres. These would be shows such as: Top gear and Antiques roadshow. These shows are designed to entertain yet inform at the same time. They are generally on throughout the daytime, meaning that the audience profile would be the retired of the elderly. However, Top Gear is put on in the evening and is portrayed as a ‘man show’ due its specified content on cars. Thus meaning that the gender profile would be male, and can include young and older generations.
Many channels are dedicated to documentary based programmes. Topics included within a documentary could be: Wildlife, History, Science and Crime. The main objective of a documentary is to educate the audience. Although, interest must be maintained by making the show entertaining or the show will not have a sufficient amount of viewers. An example of a documentary would be: David Attenborough’s Life Story. The audience profile for this show would be, a knowledgeable person as someone with a low intellect on the topic is unlikely to understand what is happening and they may be unable to be educated throughout the programme. Documentaries may have separate gender audiences depending on the subject they are focusing on. If the...

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