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1) Information security is specific to securing information systems security of the systems that house the information? True
2) Software manufacturers limit their liability when selling software using which of the following? A. End user licensing agreements. (EULA)
3) The ______ tenet of information systems security is concerned with the recovery time objective.
4) Encrypting data on storage devices or hard drives is a main strategy to ensure data integrity? True
5) Organizations that require customer-service ...view middle of the document...

S. compliance law or act?
15) Internet IP packets are to clear text what encrypted IP packets are to_____?

Chapter 2 Questions P 79

1) PBX phone systems are susceptible to unauthorized access through the analog modem port connected to maintenance port?
2) Which security control can best reduce toll fraud for PBX systems?

3) Organize the following in the proper sequence of when they happened, 1-5, with 1 being first.

4) What drove service providers to install fiber-optic backbone networks?

5) ________ convergence is the combination of voice, video, and data communications using TCP/IP

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