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Earned Value
CV = EV - AC CPI = EV / AC SV = EV - PV SPI = EV / PV EAC ‘no variances’ = BAC / CPI EAC ‘fundamentally flawed’ = AC + ETC EAC ‘atypical’ = AC + BAC - EV EAC ‘typical’ = AC + ((BAC - EV) / CPI) ETC = EAC - AC ETC ‘atypical’ = BAC - EV ETC ‘typical’ = (BAC - EV) / CPI ETC ‘flawed’ = new estimate Percent Complete = EV / BAC * 100 VAC = BAC - EAC EV = % complete * BAC

Mathematical Basics
Average (Mean) = Sum of all members divided by the number of items. Median = Arrange values from lowest value to highest. Pick the middle one. If there is an even number of values, calculate the mean of the two middle values. Mode = Find the value in a data set that occurs most often.

1 sigma = 68.26% 2 sigma = 95.46% 3 sigma = 99.73% 6 sigma = 99.99% Control Limits = 3 sigma from mean Control Specifications = Defined by customer; looser than the control limits Order ...view middle of the document...

Select biggest number. ROI = Formula not required. Select biggest number. IRR = Formula not required. Select biggest number. Payback Period = Add up the projected cash inflow minus expenses until you reach the initial investment. BCR = Benefit / Cost CBR = Cost / Benefit Opportunity Cost = The value of the project not chosen.

Communication Channels = n * (n-1) / 2

EMV = Probability * Impact in currency

PTA = ((Ceiling Price - Target Price) / Buyer's Share Ratio) + Target Cost

Straight-line Depreciation: Depr. Expense = Asset Cost / Useful Life Depr. Rate = 100% / Useful Life Double Declining Balance Method: Depr. Rate = 2 * (100% / Useful Life) Depr. Expense = Depreciation Rate * Book Value at Beginning of Year Book Value = Book Value at beginning of year - Depreciation Expense Sum-of-Years' Digits Method: Sum of digits = Useful Life + (Useful Life - 1) + (Useful Life - 2) + etc. Depr. rate = fraction of years left and sum of the digits (i.e. 4/15th)


Actual Cost Budget at Completion Benefit Cost Ratio Cost Benefit Ratio Cost Performance Index Cost Variance Duration Estimate at Completion Early Finish Expected Monetary Value Early Start Estimate to Complete Earned Value Future Value Internal Rate of Return Late Finish Late Start Net Present Value Program Evaluation and Review Technique Point of Total Assumption Planned Value Present Value Return on Investment Schedule Performance Index Schedule Variance Variance at Completion Sigma / Standard Deviation “To the power of” (2^3 = 2*2*2 = 8)

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