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Workplace culture basically is the feel of a workplace, the way things are done, and the way people communicate and work. It is essentially the psychology of an organisation, a set of goals, beliefs, structures and behaviours. In this regard, an organisation can be compared to a person. One person can be smart, innovative and quick to adopt technology while another person can be secure, steady, reliable and consistent. Culture is created by the interaction of leadership and employees.

Truly, a lot of effort is invested in many organisations to create a culture that helps the organisation better ...view middle of the document...

This means, many organisations are discovering that they must look at service from the customer’s perspective. By viewing service quality from customer’s perspective, organisations can find ways of boosting customer satisfaction with their services and thereby gaining competitive advantage.

On the other hand, to distinguish quality service from the customer’s perspective, it is necessary to know first of all, customers’ expectation and how their perception of the quality of service delivered differs from their expectation. Hence, issues of customer service very often focus on external customers. Thus, all the principles of service quality equally apply to internal customers who are staff of the organisation.
Who is a Customer?

A “customer” can be defined as a person, client or a business that uses the services or products of a provider. Whoever receives your work is engaged in a service delivery with you in which you are the service provider and he/she is your customer. By this definition customers can be categorised into two types, namely “internal customers” and “external customers.”

Accordingly, staff of an organisation can be considered “internal customers” because they receive products and services essential to their work from fellow workers. When co-workers do not provide the needed support services, work process in the organisation can be adversely affected. The issue of internal customers is sometimes downplayed to the detriment of general customer service of an organisation. In other words, the concept of customer satisfaction must be applied to internal customers if organisations are to satisfy external customers.

“External customers” refer to persons who receive the services provided by the organisation and who are not members or staff. Customers are usually used interchangeably to mean users of services or products.

Customer Expectations

Customer expectation refers to the standard of service or products that a customer expects from a service provider. Customer expectation varies from one customer to the other even for the same service organisation. For instance, a customer who visits the premises of a customer focus Bank may have several customer service expectations, a customer-friendly banking hall, simple, fast and efficient process for cheque encashment and a responsive staff; a departmental manager may expect the secretary to process a number of corporate letters a day; the accounts officer may expect his supervisor to complete the trial balance of operations before the end of the day’s operations; etc. A customer’s perception of service quality is the comparison of his expectation and the experience (performance) of the service. All progressive service providers, whether individuals or institutions, aim at service quality and continually work toward improving that service standard.

Factors of Customer Expectations

Customers’ expectations are influenced by a number of factors such as:

Customer needs: customers have...

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