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Djuice – The Most Successful Youth Brand Of Pakistan

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Djuice was first introduced in Bangladesh and then to Pakistan. It has since grown to become one of the largest Youth mobile brands in Pakistan. Since Pakistan has more than 50% population between the ages of 12 to 20, the youth market is very important for telecom sector. This is the reason why Telenor and its competitors Mobilink, Ufone and Warid have their own youth targeted brands like Jazz Octane, Warid GLOW and Ufone Youth Package.
Marketing Strategy
Over the last decade the telecom sector has matured and become very competitive. That is why even market leaders like Telenor can not adopt defensive strategies against its competitors. Recently Djuice has has dropped to second place ...view middle of the document...

Djuice thus, further can be categorized into packages that are
• Djuice Din Raat
• Djuice Jagtay Raho
This variety they have given is to separately target two kinds of youth. First are the ones who generally want a cheaper call rate whether it is day or night. Their mobile usage pattern does not show any kind of heavy usage at a specific time of the day or night. Secondly, there are ones who love to spend their nights staying awake and chatting with friends. As the name suggests, ‘Jagtay Raho’, the call rates are cheaper at nights which are even as low as 4 rupees/hour. Those who switch to this specific package normally make calls at night i.e. after 11pm which prevents Telenor’s network from being very congested. Djuice has been designed in a way that its quality and branding attracts mostly the teenagers. SMSs and GPRS are the main features which teenagers love to have. Djuice provides these features at very cheap rates. SMSs are as low as 1.99/day unlimited and GPRS 45 MB for 90 rupees for the whole month.
The target market, the youth is too price and value conscious. Primarily because they are the ones who make the most rational choice and secondly because of the global economic crunch. The tariff of Djuice is as follows
djuice 11 pm – 8 am 8 am – 11 pm
Telenor FnF Rs.4/Hour Rs. 0.5
Other Network FnF Rs. 1
International FnF Rs 0.5 (USA,Canada, UK (L)), Rs. 4 (UK (m))
Telenor to Telenor Rs. 0.50 Rs. 1.25
Telenor to Other Networks Rs. 1.25
Telenor to PTCL Rs. 1.25
SMS (any network) Rs. 0.20 / SMS
MMS (Receiving) Free
MMS (Sending – any network) Rs. 5.00 / MMS
Internet/WAP Usage Rs. 15.00 / MB
Smart Tunes** Rs. 5 / SmartTune
*30 seconds charging unless specified
Djuice Din raat
Menu Level 11 pm – 5 pm 5 pm – 11 pm
Telenor FnF Rs. 3.5 / hour Rs. 0.50
Other Network FnF Rs. 1
International FnF Rs 0.5 (USA,Canada, UK (L)), Rs. 4 (UK (m))
Telenor to Telenor Rs. 1.25
Telenor to Other Networks Rs. 1.25
Telenor to PTCL Rs. 1.25
SMS (any network) Rs. 0.20 / SMS
MMS (Receiving) Free
MMS (Sending – any network) Rs. 5.00 / MMS
Internet/WAP Usage Rs. 15.00 / MB
Smart Tunes** Rs. 5 / Smart Tune
Jaagtay Raho* 12 am – 1 am 1 am – 6 am 6 am – 8 am 8 am – 5 pm 5 pm – 12 am
FnF Rs. 4 / hour Free** Rs. 4 / hour Rs. 0.50/30 sec
Free after 10 minutes Rs. 0.50
Other Network FnF Rs. 1
International FnF Rs 0.5 (USA,Canada, UK (L)), Rs. 4 (UK (m))
Telenor to PTCL Rs. 1.25
SMS (any network) Rs. 0.20 / SMS
MMS (Receiving) Free
MMS (Sending – any network) Rs. 5.00 / MMS
Internet/WAP Usage Rs. 15.00 / MB Rs. 7.50 / MB
Smart Tunes*** Rs. 5 / Smart Tune
Djuice’s Promotional campaigns are normally teenager centric. TVCs are characterized by Cool and unique themes with unique offers. Although Djuice has no Brand Ambassador (celebrity) right now, but it plans to have a contract signed in the near future. Djuice keeps its customers involved in its day to day new offers and activities through SMSs, Emails and...

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