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Semester Journal B - Chapters 5 thru 9:
Chapter #5
1. If students sit in the same classroom, read the same assignments, and hear the same lectures, are they all receiving the same education? Might these students interpret the same lesson differently because of the social worlds in which they live? Page 133
The students may not all receive the same education even though they are in the same classroom, and reading the same assignments and hearing the same lectures. Every person retains knowledge ...view middle of the document...

One doctor laments, “People put us on a pedestal. They see us as angels, and this makes communication difficult. They don’t ask questions or express their concerns. But we make mistakes like anyone else.” In communicating with their patients, what is one specific thing doctors might do to level the playing field and promote more open, honest communication? Page 136
Hopefully that will change. Doctors could speak to people and ensure that they understand that doctors are not perfect and could potentially make a mistake. They could encourage asking them questions. Effective communication is a key part in the medical field, so the doctor should make sure the patient understands this.
3. What letter grade would you give yourself for your ability to communicate in a multicultural setting? Why? Page 137
I would give myself an A for my ability to communicate in a multicultural setting. First off, I normally don’t notice I am in this setting because I am very used to it and see it as normal. I pay attention to everyone’s body language and what they are saying no matter what race or ethnicity the person is.

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