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In this paper we will create a Diversity Plan for Sherwood Manufacturing with the ten common components of a diversity plan. I will give a general overview of the diversity plan considering each of the 10 components and will describe how the company should include each component. This paper will conclude with any improvements that could be made to increase the effectiveness of the diversity plan for Sherwood Manufacturing.
Current Climate: To execute any plan with metrics, it is important to ensure that you have a baseline of data to begin with. This will show you problem areas that exist at this time as well as areas in which your organization is doing well. (Ten common components of a ...view middle of the document...

It is a good idea to consider who can provide feedback on or review your plan for you, such as books, consultants, community members, other local employers with successful diversity plans, people from different departments, etc. Many companies have a Diversity Committee as part of their Diversity Plans, so that there is someone from each department who is helping to ensure that the plan is implemented across the organization, and to evaluate what information gaps need to be filled through trainings, etc. (Ten common components of a diversity plan, n.d.) The committee should work with each manager of each department at Sherwood Manufacturing to make sure that the plan is being implemented, but it is important for the committee to reach out to organizations that can help with the planning. For example they could reach out to multicultural business development trainer and make sure that moneys are allocated for those members of the committee are being trained on how to develop and implement a multicultural diversity plan.
Investment: It is also important for a plan’s success to designate the types of resources it will need to be successful. Resources could be money (for example, offering translated documents to clients, bringing in trainers, or changing company marketing materials), people (for example, people in different departments could be designated to be on the Diversity Committee, people can help by serving on the Advisory Board, or people are also resources in terms of the feedback they offer during a climate survey) or even physical (for example, is your office accessible to people with disabilities? Do the materials in your office represent all the people who should be included? Is the set-up of your office friendly and welcoming for all of your employees?) (Ten common components of a diversity plan, n.d.) Sherwood will have to have budgeted moneys allocated to trainings and multi-cultural trainings for the committee. Then to implement the plan there will need to be an investment for employee training and multicultural events.
Communication/Clarity of Vision: A Diversity Plan must be communicated well to all those who will take part in it and who are impacted by it. Communication is key to employee buy-in of the plan. Metrics and accountability must be clearly laid out, and the roles each person at your organization will play should also be clearly laid out, such as the time spent on certain activities, whether they can attend training's as part of work or outside their office hours, or how this impacts their job - e.g. recruiting or customer service. (Ten common components of a diversity plan, n.d.) The committee, Sherwood leadership positions and managers will have to take on a leadership by example role for the diversity training and ultimately for the diversity plan to be implemented. The Sherwood management will have to show that they support this initiative and will hold accountable themselves and their employees in this plan.

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