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Diversity In America Essay

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Diversity in America
June 23, 2013
Juan E. Vega

I can honestly say that I learned such much in Culture Diversity Class. I learned many not only learned many things regarding my culture but also with other different cultures. The United States has many cultures races and ethnicities which include whites, African America, Native Hawaiian, Native American, Alaska Native, also Asian and American Indian. This class was really eye opener to me and I hope it’s the same with every student. I learned so much about diversity in American and how we are all same but different in some way. For an example two people with different races like an American and Muslim American, they have to ...view middle of the document...

One of things that I also learned was that Mexican Americans weren’t allowed to be in same area of the white people for an example stores, train stations, bus station and even restrooms. Just like every other racial group, the Mexican Americas fought to have their equal rights.
Immigration will continue to shape the demo graphics of the United States. Not just with the Mexican race but with also other races. Without races I don’t think the United States would be the same. I believe that by the 2050 that the United States would have more Mexicans because they are the once who are willing to work and do whatever it takes have the American Dream. One of the things that we been fighting for is for the Mexicans and other races can come to the United States and work and live here but some of the Americans don’t want that to happen because they think that that the immigrants are going to take their jobs away especially the Mexicans because they are willing to work for less pay or also take away some of the governmental benefits that they provide her. Some are afraid that the immigrants will take over the populations. Many immigrants risk their lives to come to the United States and find work and I think we should help them because there no different from the Americans.
There are many benefits in having a diverse society. I think of the benefits we get from having such a diverse society is that we get to learn so much about different cultures and races. Some of the benefits that I think comes with having a diverse society would be the different foods, there morals and their beliefs. Just because people come here to the United States it doesn’t mean that they leave what they belief behind. The thing with the United States is that your able to do what you want because its free country. A great example of this would be the different types of food people bring to America like the Mexican American bring in the Tamales, the Chinese there orange chicken it doesn’t have to just food it can be their religion as well as their morals. Many people come to American and open their business which leads us to more job opportunities.
The United States still faces challenges due to diversity because many people still don’t accept that there are different races and cultures as well as sexual orientation. One of the challenges that the United States is facing would have to be immigration or sexual orientation. Many people don’t want to accept immigration because the some American feels that they come here to steal their job. Also many people don’t want to accept some sexual...

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