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Question 1: What does Disney do best to connect with its core consumers?
The Walt Disney Company is one of the world largest media entertainment company in the world having a best connection with core consumers. Since its beginning day in 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney, Disney has remained high entertainment quality based on continuing to introduce the norm of entertainment during the 20th century to bring classic and memorable family entertainment over the world. Beginning with cartoon productions, Walt Disney decided to set up Disneyland because he thought that it was necessary to have a nice place for children and their parents to play together. Besides, the company grew up more ...view middle of the document...

Besides, all children come from different regions, different countries, have different skin colors, different religions can both go to the Disneyland. Disney concentrates on cultural factor that erases the gap between children in the world and connect them to the others.
As you know, it seems like Disney targets on children and chooses them as Disney’s core consumer. However, because of social factor, Disney’s exact target market is the entire family and has been provided all productions toward them. Disneyland is opened for children to enjoy in the theme park and have fun time with the magic of Disney in real life. Besides, Disney Channel is a channel for children to watch TV shows, original films, etc… Disney stores sell all Disney toys, clothes for girls and boys, home-wares, drink-wares, accessories, stationeries, DVDs, etc… But children can not go to the park alone, pay money for watching Disney and buy toys or clothes by themselves. To go to Disneyland with the entire family, children can have fun, discovery together, meet Disney’s cartoon characters, watch many wonderful shows and the parents can join a lot of funny games with their children, remind their childhood memories to share with their kids. Disney Channel broadcasts many family programs, funny shows and television films. Characters in Disney cartoon or series film are always connected to things, people around them and they have a whole family, includes: grandparents, parents, son and daughter. Each character has a private personality so the way they live and solve problems in the life is different. Occasionally, when the father, mother or children in the movie have an odd action or the family’s conflict happen, the other characters in the film have attitude with this action. Thus, the children can learn a lesson of life, as well as their parents have more experience to educate them.
By offering entertainment products for people at all age, all nation and for the entire family, Disney not only helps to connect each member in a family together and also to build a good connection with its core customers.
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Question 2: What are the risks and benefits of expanding the Disney brand in new way?
Disney is known as a synonym for family entertainment over the world by using successfully the concept of branding in attracting consumers. With the customer’s trust for Disney, it is a window opening new platforms, new consumers and potential markets to develop its brand but it is also a challenge for Disney to remain its 90-year-old brand and continue developing with his legacy and core brand values. To solve this problem, Disney finds out many ways to keep loyal customers and expand its brand, such as concentrating on the Disney Different, or touching its audience in multiple ways. Many tween-targeted...

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