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Discussion Question Ajs/514 Essay

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Social learning theory when an individual learns how; to do a various form of criminal activity within society. Like robbing banks or people, murders, kidnappings, selling drugs, assaulting with a deadly weapon in so forth. The criminal acts that people learn, from the people that he or she surround their selves with on a daily basis. That feels nothing wrong, with committing any of these forms of crimes. That the associates present stimuli according to their foundation place within the public as well as the economic location, gender, culture, class, also subculture. It the part of the theory where disparity reinforcement stress person has various social groups also situations present to him ...view middle of the document...

A certain matter by giving the discriminative indication to a person with those kinds of conducts. It will become reinforce lastly with the frequency; also, the extent of the conduct incidence relies on the amount of the frequency also the probability with its reinforcements (Pg. 183, Franklin P. Williams III, and Marilyn D. McShane, 2014).
The person named Albert Bandera widely known, for his experiment he has done with the Bob Doll research. It was about letting children watch adults be violent and not be not, with the doll to see if it affect children to behave and the same manner. The test showed the children watching, the adult is not violent with the doll children treated the doll the same. The children saw the adult is violent with the doll their conduct was violent with the doll (Kendra Cherry, 2015). The reinforcement can be internal also external, also can be positive as well as negative if the adolescent is trying to get consent from their parents. Also their peers socially this consent is external reinforcement, however feeling happy from their consent of is an internal reinforcement the adolescent. It will conduct his or herself in the way they feel, will obtain the consent form for the reason they want to consent. The positive and negative reinforcement will have a small effect if the reinforcement presented externally does not synchronize with the person needs. Nevertheless, reinforcement can also be positive as well as negative. However, the essential part is that it most likely makes an alteration with individuals conduct (Franklin P. Williams III, and Marilyn D. McShane, 2014).
High profile case I will be talking about is the D.C sniper killings Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad. The due that uses a .223 caliber bushmaster xm15 sniper rifle, they stole and made a sniper nest within their car. The first killing took place on October 2, 2002, in Aspen Hill, into a Michaels craft store where nobody killed nor injured. Then an hour later, they killed a victim in a grocery store parking lot. Before October 24, 2002, they were shooting victims, doing their routines like at the gas station, store, and so forth. They continued doing, these random killing on the beltway until the 24 of October. When they surrounded in caught, from by law enforcement who got a tip by a motorist in the rest stop they seen at in total, they shot 13 victims but killed ten of them. Their sentence was John Muhammad sentenced, to death and executed. Lee Boyd Malvo sentenced to multiple life sentences because they have done shooting in other states (CNN, 2015).
John Muhammad the evil mastermind behind, the D.C. sniper-shooting plan was broken down into phases. The first was to map and planned to practice around the D.C location so that they will be able to get away quickly to their set escape routine. To the next area when they did their shootings John Allen Muhammad, wanted to kill six victims a day. He wanted to use explosives on the school, buses...

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