Discussion Achievements In Healthcare From Patient And Provider Perspective

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The U.S. health care system has undergone many changes in its history. Complete the following for this Discussion Board:

What do you feel is the greatest achievement that the health care industry has made from both the patient and provider perspectives? Why?

Be sure to provide a properly referenced rationale for both of your choices.

To get an idea on what to discuss, while on break at work, I asked 11 random individuals what they believed the greatest achievement in the healthcare industry is. I received answers such as stem cell research, to vaccinations, to X-Rays. The most consistent reply that was delivered was the Affordable Care Act. Although the ...view middle of the document...

Dependants who are unmarried, who are not students and do not live with their parents will be permitted to continue on with the insurance plan of their parents until they reach the ripe age of 26 years.

When it comes to chain restaurants that has 20 different locations or more, they are now required to exhibit they amount of calories their food possesses. This is true in the case of McDonald’s. By doing so, it can help those how has ambition to stay healthy. The Affordable Health Care Act allows employees the option to choose the type of healthcare that is more within their budget and bestows tax credits to small businesses. The Affordable Health Care Act has not only changed the way in which American citizens has access to healthcare and reduction in the cost of healthcare, it also shields patients from unjust practices within the insurance industry.

One of the greatest achievements in the healthcare industry from providers would be the convenience of having access to vaccines. Vaccination comes from the word “vacca” which means “cow” in Latin. This name was chosen the first vaccine derived from a virus affecting cows. Throughout the years, vaccines have helped prevent many ailments that, in earlier times, disabled and/or dispatched hundreds upon thousands of men, women and children within the United States. There is a term called “herd immunity”. What is means is that within a population and about 80% to 85% of that population is vaccinated against a certain illness, then the level of circulating illness is significantly lowered so that the individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to issues of the immune system or allergic reaction are protected. They become part of the “protected herd”.

Thanks to vaccines, the World Health Organization coordinated global effort in order to eradicate smallpox. The last case of smallpox was recorded in Somalia, 1977. In 1991, the last documented case of polio was recorded. Due to the record high numbers in vaccination...

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