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Discussion 8 Essay

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Discussion 8
1. Is it fair that an actor or sport athlete makes more money than a doctor, a teacher, or a person serving in the military?
Someones salary is usually based on the amount of education, knowledge, experience and amount of risk taken. For the most part I found most salary comparisons followed these guidelines. There was one comparison I could not understand. I think that a sport ...view middle of the document...

2. Do you believe in the American Dream, that is, that by working hard, you and/or your children can be more economically successful than previous generations in your family?

I believe that each person has their own interpretation of what their "American Dream" is. Unfortunately, I do believe that societies overall dream is to be more "economically successful than previous generations in your family." My hope for current and future generation "American Dreamers" is they broaden their meaning of their dream and simplify it at the same time, giving it a one word definition, Happiness. I chose this word because I believe it to be universal through all cultures. It encompasses all the little things each one of us breaks Happiness into. Besides, having practiced being happy while trying to turn every negative moment that happens throughout the day into a positive. It is without a doubt easier to contiue smiling through the negatives to the next positive, than it is to smile, frown, smile, frown.

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