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Discussion Essay

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Zeke Moisey
Mrs. DeMarco
Honors Environmental Science
27 November 2012
Chapter 4 Test Questions

1.(5pts)  Why are large animals that we tend to value (bison, whales, etc.) more likely to go extinct than smaller ones that are nuisances (mosquito’s, mice)?

Larger mammals, on the other hand, must endure the hard times when there’s little food or extreme weather. Their large size constrains them from digging burrows or lowering their metabolic rates for extended time periods. In a sense, larger mammals face the elements head-on like a fearless adventurer who might not make it through alive, and is forever changed by the experience. On an individual level, large mammals tend to live ...view middle of the document...


The J-curve represents population growth under optimal conditions, with no restraints. The S-curve shows a population equilibrium. Notice how the J-curve spikes well above and then crashes below the carrying capacity whereas the S-curve rises up to the carrying capacity and then oscillates between slightly above and slightly below it. The J-curve is when the biotic potential grows exponentially and then when the species exhausts all resources it will die off. On the other hand the S-curve is when the species functions in a climax community where all inhabitants work in unity and equilibrium.

3.(5pts)  Describe some (5) selective pressures on other species that result from the human species.
Pollution severely affects the health and well being of both animals and humans. These causes the animals to not only fight for their life but at the same time try to adapt to this pressure and avoid extinction. This could cause birds to change their flight courses.
Due to industrialization, the world's forests are beginning to disappear. Not only are they homes to a great deal of plant and animal life, but the roots of the plants hold the soil together and prevent soil erosion, which is an important part of the water cycle. With the destruction of forests it is causing animal species to adapt and change their habitats to cope with the deforestation.
Global Warming
The release of gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into the environment, particularly from vehicles and industries, contributes to global warming by causing the average temperature around the world to rise. Then when the temperatures rise this then causes animals such as polar bears to adapt to warmer weather and then possibly they will have to relocate or go extinct.
Acid Rains
Which are caused by sulfur dioxide emitted by factories mixed with haze. And the acid rain water, if got mixed up with the rivers' or lakes' water will kill the aquatic and marine life like fishes. And if the fish do not want to die off or go extinct they are forced to adapt to the acid rain and figure out a new way to...

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