Discuss The Role Of The Federal, State, And Local Legislation Related To Health Care? Give At Least 2 Examples For Each Level

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The United States government plays a major role in healthcare in many ways: it organizes finances and helps to deliver healthcare to all the citizens. The role of the federal government is to reform the growth of Medicare spending and they can make provisions to the healthcare system. The House of Representatives have control of the healthcare reform movement when it comes to planning and implementing throughout the approvals of committees, and advice ...view middle of the document...

It creates the blueprint for how the U.S. health care should be carried out on varies levels of U.S. legislation. Health care policies made at the Federal level become highest order of laws and guideline for which the state and local governments must comply for the implementation of the policies. The following two examples further explain the role of federal government in health care.

The first example is the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, which was introduced, and signed into law by President George W. Bush on December 8, 2003. Basically, this law gave our seniors citizens the right to prescription drug benefits and more choice in health care. It provided a must need relief to those who were struggling to pay for their own health care expenses.

The second example is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which was signed by President Obama in 2010. This law was a historical milestone in U.S. health care history and was applauded as a major breakthrough in providing universal coverage for the people of U.S. PPACA is going to alter much of the current health care landscape as the conventional health care coverage will undergo a big overhaul.

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