Discuss The Importance Of Managing People To Gain Optimum Productivity

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Nowadays, due to the eruption of economic occurs, the demand to optimum the productivity is the requisite if one organization wants to survive. There are many factors to consider controlling whereas human resource is the most imperative factor which impact to other elements. All profession requires the action of people even if there is manual labor or brainwork. Therefore, employee is the main concentration when companies would like to improve their profit. In term of business, especially in human resource management, productivity is defined as the efficacious of manufacturing which is the ratio between output and input factor. In order to increasing the productivity, the topic is to present ...view middle of the document...

This is because employees are human beings who have emotion and personality. From the psychological point of view, the one aspect they desire is respect from others in which they have their own measurement of their needs to evaluate. It may be how much autonomy they are given and how closely they are supervised from employers. Argyis (1960, p.97) notes “the employee will maintain the high production, low grievances…if the foreman guarantees and respects the norms of the employee informal culture”. Therefore, it could be suggested that the employer’s remedy with employees could be courtesy, politeness, and kindness in order to satisfy them and motive the employees to become more active in workplace. Employer is able to enhance their organization through how they behave kindly toward their employees and what employees are received from them.
Receiving the adequate benefit is a necessary request of worker with their organization. Non-financial reward is a useful method which can be applied for the recent situation of economy in which there is the increasing of employee’s awareness. Silverman (2004) points out that workers receive intangible items such as non-financial recognition schemes because of the increasing of their desire in the recent economy. There is the economy which contains difference in the proportion of white collar and blue collar in that white collar favors non-financial benefit. Going to work today seems to be not only for money but also for passion and expression.
There are now over 1.3 million Vietnamese enrolled in 230 higher education institutions, compared with just 162,000 students in 110 institutions in 1993, transforming the system from one that was reserved for the very elite- to one that provides education to a wider population. (The World Bank, 2008, p.xii)
It means people tend to work in brainwork more than manual work so that their sense about work has been changed into higher level in which they work for their ambition... Moreover, the organization policy about welfare probably is the vital criteria for the employees’ positive working attitude. Employers suggest advantages which relate to the healthiness of employees because they notice that healthy workers are more productive (Jones, 2005). If the workers suffer from disease, their job can be affected since they could leave position in process, and the placement person might not fulfill the blank. Moreover, improper welfare program may even loose the loyalty of workers. Benefits in workplace are not only the achievement of working but also impact to the organization working process.
A company can be improved in manufacturing if the opportunities can be provided for staff. Firstly, promotion is one of valuable tools for making courage. A number of authors have agreed that promotions, especially in management promotions, which reward employees and keep them committed to the company take a crucial part in company’s policy (Markham, Harland, & Hackett, 1987;...

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