Discovering The Effectiveness Of Papaya Leaves Extract As An Alternative Tea Responsible For Increasing The Blood Platelets

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Background of the Study
The papaya, papaw, or pawpaw is the fruit of the plant Carica papaya, the sole species in the genus Carica of the plant family Caricaceae. It is native to the tropics of the Americas, perhaps from southern Mexico and neighbouring Central America. It was first cultivated in Mexico several centuries before the emergence of the Mesoamerican classical civilizations. Papaya leaves contains coumarin, papain and iron which are the three main essentials that increase blood platelets.
Dengue viruses, mosquito-borne members of the Flaviviridae family, are the causative agents of dengue fever. Dengue is the most important emerging viral disease of ...view middle of the document...

papaya leaves extract as an alternative tea.
The gathering of the materials was selected from the researchers’ backyards in Rosales, Pangasinan. The C. papaya leaves will be mixed in a boiling water. The experimental variables in this study will be the C. papaya leaves extract at different amounts while the control variables will be the salt that will be added while undergoing the decoction process. The amount of water that will be used in the preparation of the tea will be not held constant.
The tea won’t be possible if the temperature of the water is not enough to boil the C. papaya leaves and if the researchers don’t have enough equipment such as stove, casserole and water. Additional studies such as the effectiveness of C. papaya leaves extract for dietary means, anti-cancer, removal of intestinal worms and its effectiveness in movement of bowels will not be included.
The study will be conducted at the school laboratory in Rosales National High School with the supervision of the Research adviser or at home.

Statement of the Problem
This study will aim to lessen the community garbage such as the papaya leaves scattered everywhere. The main objective of the current study is to investigate the potential of C. papaya leaves extracts against Dengue fever. The following questions will be answered:
1. Does the C. papaya leaves effective for increasing the blood platelets of a dengue fever patient?
2. Is there a need to prepare C. papaya leaves extract in the production of an alternative tea for dengue fever?
3. Is it possible that C. papaya leaves can be extracted by decoction process?
4. Is there any content of C. papaya leaves that makes this study possible in producing alternative tea?
5. Are there any advantages that the economy will benefit from this study?
Problem No. 1
H₀: The C. papaya leaves are not effective for increasing the blood platelets of a dengue fever patient.
H₁: The C. papaya leaves are effective for increasing the blood platelets of a dengue fever patient.
Problem No. 2
H₀: There is no need to prepare C. papaya leaves extract in the production of an alternative tea for dengue fever.
H₁: The preparation of C. papaya leaves extract in the production of an alternative tea for dengue fever is needed.
Problem No.3
H₀: C. papaya leaves cannot be extracted by decoction process.
H₁: C. papaya leaves can be extracted by decoction process.
Problem No. 4
H₀: The C. papaya leaves do not contain a content that makes this study possible in producing alternative tea.
H₁: There is a content in C. papaya leaves that makes this study possible in producing alternative tea.
Problem No. 5
H₀: There are no advantages that the economy will benefit from this study.
H₁: There are advantages that the economy will benefit from this study.

Significance of the Study
This study will benefit the following:
To the students: This study could serve as a source of feedback in the monitoring of...

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