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Disaster Assess E T And Recovery Plan

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Disaster assessment and recovery plan
Robert Favinger
Everest University

Disaster assessment and recovery plan
A small convenience store recently suffered an unforeseen incident arising from the carelessness of one of its customers. This resulted in a lot of damage in terms of people, building damage, stocks and utilities and a temporary halt to normal business operations (Walzer, 2009). The incident caused a lot of panic among shoppers and personnel causing a stampede towards the other end of the store. Five people were among the injured. Two were shoppers, a cashier, a shelf attendant, and a supervisor. The young child did not suffer any injuries. Emergency services were quickly contacted and the ...view middle of the document...

Most of the utilities were left intact though computers and accessories at the front entrance were written off. No damage was registered in the frozen foods section, as there was no loss of power.
Business recovery was estimated to require at least three days during which the front section would be repaired, computer and computer accessories replace, shelves repaired and goods restocked. The store management decided to use its financial resources to restore business operations before insurance claims were ascertained and injured parties compensated (Beal, 2012). It was determined that a staff evaluation would be undertaken to find who among the remaining staff would be promoted to the position of supervisor. Staff would be at hand to assist with redesigning the arrangement of the store’s floor to reduce vulnerabilities. It was recommended that concrete barriers at the front end of the store to limit such disasters from occurring in future.

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