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Disadvantages Of Technology Essay

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Name:_Abdullah Einab___________________ Week Number:_week_3_______________


One day While I was cleaning the yard and I was having fun. Suddenly, I saw a monkey look at me, once I saw him I felt scary. Then, the monkey tried to attack me I screamed, “I am going to die, I am going to die “an I thought that’s will be the end of my life and I ran to house as fast as I can. When I arrived to the door, I moved the ...view middle of the document...

While the police were on their way, the monkey get crazy and he tried to enter to the house. The monkey was hitting the door and making a lot of noise. Finally the police came and caught the monkey. The policeman told us that the monkey ran a way from the zoo. Since that time I don’t feel brave at all and I am trying to forget that accident. I want to become braver.

He did not feel brave at all. Not now”.(p.63)

When I read this part of the chapter, that’s remind me of a dream that I had before. The reason that made me remembers that dream because it happened in the real life. The dream was about coming to US. My dreamed on the first day wasn’t clear, but the second day the dream was more vividly. I dreamed I was in United Stats with my family in the summer. After two years my dream came true.

That’s remind me of when I was young my father caught my brother while he was smoking a cigarette. Then my father was yelling at my brother and he punished him for tow weeks. After that my brother smoked and smoked again. Then when my father caught him again he didn’t punished him but he talk him and he told that that the cigarette is not healthy, so my brother understand and he quit smoking.

“ But this morning was different. He had dreamed very vividly the night before”. (p.34)

“But the next morning he had done it again. And again the following week”. (p.55)

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