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Dignity And Respect Essay

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Concept assignment
NUR 303 Fall, 2012

* From the description Danilo Ocampo is a 74 year old individual that has lots of medical problems. The majority of them are heart related diagnosis .It sees like he is not taking very good care himself because every time he ends up in the hospital he checks himself back out, the main reason being the medication not having the expected response and his mistrust in the hospital personnel. Besides his medical problems ,a problem that Danilo is facing is Stress related to his wife Lidia that suffers from Alzheimer’s Disseases.The fact that he is the only one responsible for taking ...view middle of the document...

The risk factors for poor perfusion can be a multitude of life style choices but also hereditary factors. Risk factors such as tobacco use, diabetes, high blood pressure, personal and family tendencies to heart diseases, older age, lack of exercise and stress. The onset of his problem can be an accentuation of all the other diagnosis impacting his ability to take care himself in the future.
As a future nurse I would instruct Danilo to follow up with the doctor, to take his medication as prescribed because this seems to be the reason that he end up at the ED very often.
* Another concept that Danilo can be associate with is the one of stress. Severe or chronic stress can affect a person’s well being but the extent to which we experience stress depends on our life-style and is, therefore, largely self-imposed. The cause of stress in Danilo's case can be associated with his diseases but also with the family environment. The onset of the problem can be traced when his wife Lydia got sick and he took the responsibility of being her caregiver. Indirectly this whole situation of taking care of a pearson with a disease that is a family member increases the level of stress and the outcomes that follows.
At this point keeping in mind Danilo’s overall medical problems, will be a good time for him to ask for professional help ,someone that will help with care giving for his wife giving him the possibility to concentrate on his own health.
* One of the concepts that apply to Lydia is cognitive impairment that is also closely related with altered thought process.
Cognitive impairment is a disorder that has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease. In people with cognitive impairment their thinking process is reduced. Because Lydia cannot take care herself on the daily basis she is at the risk for falls. Her social interaction with others people from the community is very limited and mostly because of her impaired cognition.
Cognitive impairment is a problem that a lot of older people face. It’s more prevalent in women than men. It starts early with forgetting the car keys, or where they place things and progresses gradually to the point where the patients forget where they live even their own names. Most of the times people with cognitive impairment feel isolated by others because they are not considered reliable and the only way they deal with this is isolation. A good intervention for Lydia can be socialization with the people in her community, enroll in group meetings, mostly activities that will keep her more focus and stimulated.
* The other concept that can be attributed to Lydia is the one of altered thought process. Most of the elderly this day’s deal with forms of alteration of their thought .This can be associated with age but most of the time medication interactions, infections and advanced Alzheimer’s disease play a destructive role. Because Lydia was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease years ago, that right there has an impact...

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