Differences Between Regular And Diet Pop

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The differences between Regular and Diet soda
When drinking soda whether it be regular or diet, did you ever wonder which one was healthier? To help you understand a little better I chose two types of fountain drinks; Mountain Dew and Diet. With this information it should open your eyes to what diabetics go through on a day to day basis.
Did you ever wonder why it is so important that diabetics drink diet and never regular? Well, the reason they drink it is because it has less sugar. In diet there is absolutely no sugars compared to regular. In comparison regular contains forty-six grams of sugar, which is a lot for a diabetic to intake. Although they have to count their sugar intake they also have to watch how many ...view middle of the document...

While some caffeine in certain drinks like coffee and tea can be helpful to the body, the caffeine in soda however can hurt your body. When diabetics consume a lot of it in one sitting it reduces their insulin sensitivity, which their body doesn’t make enough of. It raises their blood sugar level to the point in which their bodies are not used to and could put them into sugar shock.
The most common side effect associated with diabetes other than high blood sugar levels is high blood pressure. In everything we consume there is one common ingredient called sodium (salt), which is a major contributor to high blood pressure. With diet there is only fifty milligrams of salt which is low compared to regular that has sixty-five milligrams of salt. It is relatively higher in regular than it is in diet, but not by much. That little difference can go a long way.
Although regular uses real sugar diet uses low calorie sweeteners. The differences in sugar give them their unique taste. Due to using regular sugar in non-diet soda it has a bold sweet taste, while the low calorie sweeteners give diet soda a very subtle taste. Yes, many say the sweeter the better, but that’s not always the truth.
When you walk into the grocery store and go to the aisle that has all the sodas and juices, do you always just stand there and look at the many different choices? Even though you already know what you’re going to choose, why not try something different. Although regular soda is very tasteful and many choose it over diet, it isn’t very healthy, whereas many other people choose diet due to its healthier nature. I hope this information has brought a little light into the subject of which is the healthier choice in soda.

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