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Diet And Nutrition Essay

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Diet and Nutrition
July 27, 2011

Diet and Nutrition
The idea of diet and nutrition comes from the general desire of people wanting to be as healthy as possible. To that end the value of food has come to be measured in its nutritional value. We as a people have determined through research that the nutrients of certain types of foods can provide health and nutritional benefits. Our food and drug administration have established the amounts of vitamins and nutrients we need to sustain a healthy lifestyle and have determined that our body’s daily nutritional needs are satisfied by certain amounts and types of foods. For those who do not eat a healthy diet, a vitamin supplement ...view middle of the document...

I have created a profile on the Wiley Plus website of my Daily Recommended Intake (DRI) and research of my daily diet. According to my results from the Wiley Plus profile I do not have enough nutrients in my daily diet to sustain a healthful lifestyle. The nutritional results of my DRI I have consumed are less than the recommended DRI for three of the food groups (Grains were at 30%, Vegetables were at 70%, Milk was at 40% and Discretionary at 80%). The following food groups were at the recommended daily amounts (Fruits 100%, Meats and Beans 100%, Oils 100%). Considering the facts I can balance my diet by drinking more milk and eating more vegetables and gains. Many people do not consider that by consuming more dairy products would boost your recommend intake that would help with the development of stronger bones and teeth. Add more cheese and yogurt to my diet would help considerably in that department. An adjustment of adding a little more grain and vegetables to my diet will help me acquire a 100% on my food pyramid. The fat intake was recorded as acceptable macronutrient distribution range, 40%. This can be attributed to me having a very active lifestyle and rarely consuming fried foods or foods high in fat. My carbohydrate intake was...

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