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“Healthy diet makes you happy”. It is a well-known fact that quotation is for making our lives

healthy. People who want to be happy and healthy wonder about what healthy diet includes there

fore they can follow 2 significant rules about consuming foods if they want to be a healthy and be

ing fit. First one is consume a variety of foods in order to being healthy and the second one is

keep an eye on portions in order to remain fit.

In the first place,everybody wants to be healthy so that they consume different kinds

of foods such ...view middle of the document...

For instance,when people grow older they get sick easily as a result they

must protect themselves. They must eat different kinds of foods in order to get vitamins,proteins

etc. It is the natural way of protecting themselves consequently they don't need medicine.

In the second place,people should be careful about portion of foods.It is the key of remain fit.

For example,in Turkey,Turkish people like eating a lot.People don't care about portions so it causes

overweight so that they don't stay fit.It is serious problem for Turkish people.Secondly higher-calo

rie foods cause overweight and obesity. Most of people like eat higher-calorie foods such as fast

foods,so it is the most serious problem all over the world. For instance,in the USA,people are face

with obesity and everybody knows causing of obesity is eating higher-calorie foods without control.

Doctors recommend to American people to keep an eye on portions so that they can remain fit.

In the conclusion,healthy diet includes two golden rules like consume variety of foods and keep

an eye on portions because of remain fit and being healthy.In my opinion people have to be care-

full when eat something and follow these 2 rules because if people follow the these two rules they

will be healthy so healthy diet makes them happy.

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