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Diagnosing Human Culture Essay

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Training, competence and confident human power are the major pathways to develop a successful business organization. This is achieved by labor that does its best to lender the best services out of their wits on top of the knowledge gained in class. Through this training and assessment, a great implication is achieved and this is the main investment an individual can ever have in a business. In this manner, measurable returns are earned which come as a result of applying correct skills and being able to identify critical skills required by potential customers. As a human resource, I believe that human training with no measurement of effective level ...view middle of the document...

These also enhance a good flow of knowledge on working towards common objectives as it will create a awareness to every single employee of the organization in realizing the essence of doing a given task in a given manner. Each task is important as the other, none is special than the other regardless of the skill applied or level application, as all of these skills are required and must be delivered by different people working jointly for the organization to achieve its goals.
As these trends keep on changing in everyday business market, good leadership training is also another important virtue to consider as a HR of an organization in order to put up with these changes. This includes good personal skills, self management and independent planning. These interpersonal skills include self awareness, planning, monitoring, time management, flexibility, and reflection and performance appraisal. Motivational training, application of theories, effective staffing practices, retention tactics, interviewing and selection skills, compensation skills and diversity management in general are to be in hand with the culture of the organization and the public in order to bring out a desired output in an organization which is the aim of every sole business in the financial world. The rights and ethics of workers in their workplace, what they are allowed to do and what they are not. Avoid harassment and work place changes. In case this change will have to be made, proper channels should be followed to eliminate unnecessary shame to an individual or a group of individuals.
As a human resource, it is important to create a professional environment in which people work together to achieve a common goal. Where change may be acceptable and encouraged, there are high chances of achieving...

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