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Deviance Essay

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Cavaneyro, Naomi Grace A. January 30, 2016
11 – Benevolence T. Francis
Deviance is a behavior or action that goes against the social norms of a society. I choose Deviance as my topic because there have been a lot of social norms that have been broken through the years like how same-sex marriage, abortion, divorce, and euthanasia are a few examples of act that were not permitted and so was considered an act of deviance. Knowing this, a study of deviance in sociology would be relevant because there would many factors to consider in identifying what is a deviance in society. Like in the table made by Robert K. Merton, deviance can be affected by conformity, innovation, ...view middle of the document...

Social Disorganization Theory is a belief that deviant behavior is caused by the breakdown of norms, law, mores, and other important values of society. Labeling Theory is how deviant behavior is caused by society’s labeling of behavior as deviant. Anomie or Structural Stress Theory is how deviant behavior exists when people are denied access to accepted means to reach approved goals. Conflict Theory is how deviant behavior is caused by an unjust social structure where unequal distribution of wealth and power exists. Cultural Transmissions or Differential Association Theory is how deviant behavior is created through socialization or transmission of norms within a community or work. The theory most prominently seen deviant theories today are social disorganization, conflict, cultural transmission, and psychological theories.

Social disorganization deviance is seen today through the delinquents. They are minors who involve themselves in criminal acts and are caught and put in correctional camps. They go against the law for their own benefits instead of being good citizens. Conflict deviance is seen in the Feminist movement. They want equality in job opportunities and job benefits because men have higher pay and better benefits. Cultural Transmission deviance is seen today through the people who practice Weeabo. They are a group of people who act and claim to be Japanese but truly are not. Lastly, psychological deviance is seen today through the pedophiles. Pedophiles are believed to not be able to control their urges, but that is a myth. However, there are still instances where they fall and commit the crime of pedophilia.
Deviance would be dependent on morals, values, norms, morays, and even culture. Knowing the factors that affect deviance could help societies lessen it and be able to control the deviance level to a minimum. Having a knowledge of what deviance is and the factors that affect it would be able to identify what is wrong with the society based on the deviance done. They would be able to then solve the problem immediately instead of it growing into an even bigger problem. This would not just be applied in the bigger world with bigger problems, but knowledge of how to deal with deviance starts in the small things like rules in school. Like if the school tolerated bad behavior it would be reflected in society as an even bigger problem which causes a severe damage of deviance to society. A great example of this would be how the children would cheat during exams. Imagine a class had an upcoming exam and there were two kinds of students. Student A would review and be able to answer his example in a...

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