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Developing Good Business Sense Essay

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Developing Good Business Sense
BUS 210

Developing Good Business Sense
For this assignment I chose three different fast food restaurants; The Dog House, Gene and Jude’s Hot Dogs and Wiener’s Circle. All three are fast food restaurants in three different Chicagoland areas. Their main specialty is the Chicago style hot dog. All three serve a great hot dog yet the businesses are very different.
1. The employees do their tasks in a similar way. Each place has an order taker that provides customer service.
At the Dog House you are greeted by a very polite cashier, you place your order with her, take your ticket number and wait for your food. The kitchen ...view middle of the document...

A little bit more of a personal touch whereas the customer is actually talking to the person making the food. Weiner’s Circle has an employee meet the customer, take their order and entertain them in the process. The kitchen workers only handle kitchen processes. The orders are given to customers by the order taker.
Organizationally the restaurants have similar operating systems. They are heavy on customer service with employees handling customers. Kitchen staff always handles the food and at Gene and Jude’s they are also dealing with customers.
The input is similar across the board. The food (raw materials) is always great quality which shows that each place is using the right vendors for their supplies. The operations work well. They get long lines and still get their food out. You can see knowledgeable people working at these places and getting their jobs done. The output is a great product at each of these places. Great and unusual customer service combined with great food has made these places work.
3. The main kinds of OMM costs that companies have are raw materials and components, the plant or where the business is located, labor, inventory and distribution. These affect companies in different ways. Companies try to secure lowest cost for their raw materials and components without lowering the standard that they are used to. Some companies have even purchased other companies that supplied them with raw materials so that they could control the price. The plant for some companies is either owned or leased. When the plant is owned...

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