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Developing A Motivational Plan Essay

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Developing a Motivational Plan
Educational leaders are confronted with the task of inspiring and sustaining teacher motivation (Luce, 1998). In order to achieve such a daunting task, school administrators must be in tune to the motives and needs of the faculty in an effort to induce particular behaviors (Hersey, Blanchard, & Johnson, 2008). Motives can be defined as needs, drives, or wants within a person that result in an intentional or unintentional goal (Hersey et al., 2008). Determining what motivates all of the people all of the time presents quite a challenge, so a concentration on what motivates most of the people most of the time could be a realistic approach when applying a ...view middle of the document...

Lechuga & Lechuga (2012) point out that when a teacher’s need for autonomy and competence is positively supported, the result is greater intrinsic motivation, attitude and overall job performance.
When applied correctly, the self-determination theory is comprised of four components, including competence, autonomy, relatedness, and self-esteem (Wagner & French, 2010). Each of these components serves to enhance intrinsic motivation, with the exception of the relatedness section, which solely boosts extrinsic motivation.
While my current principal has many positive factors, the area of promoting teacher autonomy is severely lacking. She holds a tight leash on scheduling, curriculum, and teaching methods that almost negate teacher creativity and motivation. Teachers are held accountable to a strict schedule with no room for deviation. For this reason, I would propose and implement the self-determination theory to support teachers in engaging in new ideas or activities in the classroom. This theory inspires intrinsic motivation, or one’s internal reward for satisfying the very flame that motivated them to choose the teaching profession. Intrinsic motivation is best realized when one takes pleasure in teaching and seeks ways to maximize enjoyment for all through meaningful activities (Lechuga & Lechuga, 2012).
My school climate has suffered due to a myriad of reasons, the largest being the strict guidelines to conform to a “no way or it is the highway” type of attitude regarding imposed teaching strategies. This negative perspective has removed all trust from the instructional staff and has severely altered any intrinsic motivation that once existed. Even the newer teachers, became discouraged when forced to conform. This perspective removed the excitement out of teaching for many as teachers felt unsupported and viewed as incompetent to make significant decisions regarding their classrooms. A more supportive approach is a viable plan to restore the motivation and respect that has been lost. Many teachers have lost the fire to teach and have left the profession out of discouragement. The root of a motivational plan at my school must begin from within each person. Teachers need to feel empowered, respected, and connected to others in a common mission and the self-determination theory can lead the way.
When considering which components should be included in a motivational plan, it is important to look at the trend of the school climate and build on or amend what is already in place. Analyzing the climate survey provides an accurate picture of the staff’s perspective of the administration and can provide additional insight into the current level of motivation within the school. Becoming familiar with the current status of the school climate establishes a baseline for creating a viable motivational plan and serves as a tool in prioritizing necessary components. Vital components for my school must include a theory related to the...

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