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Design User Awareness On Garbage Sorting At Home

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Design User Awareness on Garbage Sorting at Home (3)


Project Name: Design User Awareness on Garbage Sorting at Home





Design User Awareness on Garbage Sorting at Home (3)


Sorting garbage is a hot topic in our country as it become compulsory to people to sort their
garbage at home started from 1 September 2015. Garbage sorting is the way to reduce the
amount of solid waste to be compose at land fill ...view middle of the document...

The most critical challenge is to form a community that practices culture and
appreciate cleanliness environment. Our society today less awareness about environmental
care and hygiene habits such as littering, less sensitive to the impact of environmental
pollution waste, wasteful attitude especially food waste and attitude do not appreciate goods




Design User Awareness on Garbage Sorting at Home (3)
and materials as a source. Malaysian mentality needs to change to be more sensitive on
hygiene and environmental issues. Therefore, the public should do lifestyle changes,
management methods and more sustainable waste treatment and sorting begins at home.

According to Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp),
Starting 1 September 2015 all premises compulsory sorting solid waste [1]. Starting from that
day households in seven states including the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and
Putrajaya will begin the compulsory sorting of solid waste at source or from the house (News
Strait Times 2015) [1].

Based on the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act (Act 672), a
maximum compound of up to RM1,000 can be imposed on residents refusing to implement
the solid waste separation. The implementation of the order will require residents to separate
solid waste according to the types of the garbage namely materials that can be recycled,
waste remnants, bulk garbage, and garden waste while waiting for garbage collection which
had been stipulated by the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation
(SWCorp) (News Strait Times 2015) [1].

Even though the rule have set by government and colored bins already provided, not
everyone seems to do it, resulting in the situation that the content of bins cannot be reused
properly because of less of awareness on garbage sorting. There are different reasons why
people do not separate waste correctly. Survey will be conducted for this project to know the
reason behind of this problem in order to design user awareness on garbage sorting to
overcome the problem. After a few discussions, our group has a list of possible reasons why
people do not encourage doing garbage sorting at home. The list of possible reason are, that
the number of bins and rules on what belongs in which of them makes it difficult to do it
properly; that recycling seems not cost-effective enough to participate in; is inconvenient, if
not every bin is easily reachable and that missing incentives result in a lack of motivation.




Design User Awareness on Garbage Sorting at Home (3)
In HCI, the topic of encouraging people to reflect on their recycling behavior (e.g.
[3]) and waste in general (e.g. [4]) has been under investigation for a few years now. Some
approaches investigate what happens if the...

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