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I describe myself as outgoing, hardworking, independent, eager to learn person wishing to grow professionally. My hard work fetched me a 95% grade in my high school "A" levels and because of my outgoing Independent nature I decided to study Engineering at NUS Singapore as an International student from India. A flaw in my working style is that I tend to approach problems in a convoluted way, rather than the quickest path, as I believe a sufficient understanding of the foundation of the problem ...view middle of the document...

As a student of Engineering and Technology with a strong desire for Mathematics and Problem solving with analytical skills and being a Pro Business person I can work on my own and as a team for getting the desired result in shortest time. Besides studies I hold responsible positions in various community services and charitable clubs and organizations on campus. We conduct blood donation camps and educational camps periodically. I also listen to music and play tennis at leisure.
As a mechanical engineer, I wish to fully utilize the knowledge that I have gained from my studies at NUS. I would prefer at the beginning of my career, to work in highly technical roles that gives me opportunities to apply my core engineering knowledge to real life applications. Later on, I would like to take up more challenging roles that require leadership skills and would want to focus on areas such as optimization and supply chain management and into the commercial areas of the business. A wider spectrum of modules offered at NUS kindled my passion for Finance and Business and now I am aspiring to do CFA along with Engineering. With the practical knowledge I gain working for big technological companies like Singapore Airlines along with the financial knowledge I gain from my CFA studies, I hope to attain management position within a span of five years.

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