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Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative communication covers fundamentals that are important to the communication process. Often when we think of communicating we think of the conversations we have with one another and the response that we receive to the message or how it is perceived by others. However, demonstrative communication takes this to a new level and is every bit as important as verbal communication. In this paper we will discuss different forms of nonverbal communication and unwritten communication. We will stay away from the speaking and writing aspect and focus more on things such as facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. On top of this we will also talk about how we can respond and ...view middle of the document...

She has shown the audience that she believes in the product and is excited about what the product will do for the business. The employees will be more inclined to want to try the product and see if it offers as much excitement as the vendor made it out to be.
Facial expressions also can be ineffective if the receiver of the message shows no interest in what they are hearing. This includes looking away, avoiding eye contact, and making disgusted faces. All of these expressions or lack of interested expressions can cause a negative effect during the communication process.
Tone of Voice.
Some might wonder if tone of voice is something that should be thought of as an important aspect of the communication process. The answer is yes. Let us consider the following scenario: Let us assume that a mother is trying to get her house work done but her young child keeps crying. At first, the mother uses a calm tone and asks the child nicely to quiet down. The child does not listen. The mother gets more furious and her voice gets louder as she asks the child to stop crying. The child immediately stops. The child has sensed that the mother was very upset and might even be a bit fearful at the mother’s loud tone. This can also be taken to a business environment. Let us assume that a boss is telling the employees a big project is due a few days later. The boss uses a low tone that lacks any excitement. The employees do not take the project seriously and are not motivated to complete it. Now let us suppose the boss had a loud tone with a stern voice and told the employees they have a few days to complete the project. The employees will undoubtedly sense a new found urgency and be ready to get the project done more quickly. Tones can be loud, soft, angry, easy going, scared, or excited, just to name a few. How our tone is used can add to the type of message we are trying to portray.
Body Language.
We could ask, can body language really add or...

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