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Delegation Example In A Healthcare Setting

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Delegation Example in a Healthcare Setting
Abiola Edwards
April22, 2010
* Definition of delegation
* Delegation process
* Delegation issue one faces at work
* Stakeholders in their different roles
* Choosing the right stakeholder
* How to communicate with stakeholders
* Conflict resolution
* Feedback/ Evaluation
* Recommendations
* Summary
* References
My name is Sadie Edwards and I have over 10 years of nursing experience
Definition of Delegation
Delegation: Transferring to a competent individual the authority to perform a selected nursing task in a selected situation. The nurse retains accountability for the delegation.
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And why to that person or people? The importance of the task and how it will impact the patient.
5. State required results, what must be achieved. Ask them to recite the task so that you know they understand what needs to be done. Make sure they know how you intend to decide that the job is being successfully done.
6. Consider resources required, discus and agree what is required to get the job done. Do they have the education, skills, experience and equipments to get the job done.
7. Agree to deadlines, when must the job be finished. Or if an ongoing duty, when are the review dates. Tell them what the top priority is if there are multiple task.
8. Support and communicate, tell the other team members what is going on.
9. Feedback and results, it is important to let the person know how they are doing, and whether they have achieved their aims. If not, you must review with them why things did not go to plan, and deal with the problems.
Delegation issue in the work place
The unlicensed Assistive personnel was asked by the nurse to draw a stat CBC and to take it up to the lab. The response of the unlicensed personnel was “I am making a bed right now”
The stakeholders in their different roles
Some stakeholders are:
* Doctors
* Registered nurses (RN)
* License Practical nurses (LPN)
* Certified Nurses Aids ( CNA)
* Social workers
* Clerks
All the above stakeholders are responsible for the patients and their care to a certain extend.
* The doctor, is responsible of taking a complete history from the patient, assess them, write orders and follow up as needed and answer the patient/family questions.
* The nurse is responsible of carrying out the doctors order within their scope of practice, supervising the license practical nurse and the certified nurses aid.
* The LPN is responsible for the task delegated to her by the doctor and the RN and to supervise the CNA.
* The CNA is responsible for the task delegated from the LPN and the RN.
* The social worker takes care of any social issues, a homeless mother, domestic violence situation, an drug addicted mother, depressed mother to name a few.
* The clerk is responsible for data entry in the computer, restocking the charts and run errand.
The RN holds the sole responsibility for the LPN and the CNA.
Choosing the right stakeholder
When choosing the right stakeholder the five rights to delegation should be considered.
* Right Task
One that is delegable for a specific patient
* Right Circumstances
Appropriate patient setting
* Right Person
Right person is delegating the right task to the right person to be performed on the right person
* ‘continued’
* Right Direction/Communication
Clear, concise description of the task, including its objective, limits and expectations.
* Right Supervision
Appropriate monitoring, evaluation, intervention, as needed, and feedback
The stakeholders...

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