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Defining Words For Worship Essay

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WRSP 510



Underlying Assumptions and Principles of this Study 3
Introduction 3
Thesis Statement 3
Musical Praise and Worship of the Lord 7
Frequency of the Usage, the Greek and Hebrew Translations of the Words: Glorify, Serve, Honor, Humble, Exalt and Delight 9
Conclusion 11
Figure 1 – Number of Occurrences of each Word in the KJV Bible and its Components 13
Figure 2- Illustration of the Greek and Hebrew Translations, Frequency of the Usage of each Word in the KJV Bible 14 ...view middle of the document...

Hill makes an argument for the association of the forms of worship which were applied in the context of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Hill emphasizes the application of the book of Psalms in the conventional Christian church.
Tracy reviews the application of the book of Psalms in conventional Christian worship. In the treatise titled: Biblical Worship is Good for You, Tracy makes an argument for the use of singing, playing of musical instruments, creating music and formulating psalms in the New Testament worship of the Lord. , In the New Testament, the Old Testament prophecies are fulfilled. Jesus Christ is Lord.,,, The perspectives of Hill and Tracy become convergent with regards to the forms of worship which were applied in the Old Testament and the psalms.
Hill emphasizes that the forms of worship which were established by the Judaic system of worship in the Old Testament were inculcated into the conventional Christian church by the application of two perspectives. These perspectives are primarily the forms of worship which were applied in the Judaic Temple and the themes of gathering the congregation. These forms were adopted by the conventional Christian church. In the temples which are detailed in the Old Testament, a conventional liturgy within the arrangement of the temple would be a psalms benediction, a collection of prayers which are directed in homage to the Creator and reverence for the love which was demonstrated by the Lord in his establishment of a husbandly relationship with the people of Israel. Subsequently, the Shema would be orated. This prayer is derived from Deut. 6: 4- 9 and other readings (Deut. 11: 13- 21, Num. 15: 37- 41).
These orations perform the function of manifesting the fidelity of the people of Israel and the Lord’s benevolence. There would normally be a recitation of a second collection of prayers which would be orated in the Judaic temple. This collection of prayers would be read by a singer (cantor) which included praises and pleas. These praises and pleas included the congregational oration of eighteen blessings. The Scriptures would be read as a portion of a spiritual meal. The scriptural reading would incorporate a reading from the Torah, a reading from the Prophets and a reading from the chronological historical writings. This scriptural reading would be followed by a blessing which is derived from the Book of Psalms, a benediction to the entire congregation and a congregational “Umen”. ,
Hill demonstrates the manner in which the early Christian churches adopted the practices which had been previously established in the Judaic temple. The early Christian churches adopted this ancient form of worship to their proprietary form of Christian worship. This proprietary Christian form of worship would include a summoning to worship, affirmation of faith, prayer and scriptural lectures. Hill also demonstrates other aspects of worship which were derived from the Old Testament. These forms...

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