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Defining Marketing Paper

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Defining Marketing Paper
Christopher Davis
MKT 421
August 14, 2012
Willie Larry Jr.

Defining Marketing Paper
This paper will describe the definition of marketing according to Chris Davis and two other sources. The reader will also learn how marketing in an organization the key component to that organization’s success is. Finally, it will provide examples from the business world to support his explanation.
Marketing is having a product that the consumer wants and is willing to pay a profit for it; this is the definition of marketing to Chris Davis.
“Marketing is the performance of activities that seek to accomplish an organization’s objectives by anticipating ...view middle of the document...

There is the function of transporting their product. In this function the organization figures out how to get their product to the consumers to buy. There is the function of storing their product. In this function an organization must figure out a way to store their product so there is always a surplus for the consumer when they are ready to buy it. There is the function of financing. In this function the organization must have all the proper financing before they can even make their product and have all the necessities to keep their business running. There is the function of the risk involved for an organization when having a business. In this function the organization must focus on all the risk involved when opening a business and if the business will even make a profit. There is also the function of building relationships. In this function the organization builds relationships and trust with the consumers and also their suppliers.
“In the process of providing all these choices, marketing drives organizations to focus on what it takes to satisfy you, the customer. Most of the things you want or need are available conveniently when and where you want or need them.” (Perrault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011, p. 5)
Examples from the Business World
The examples that Chris Davis chose from the business world were Subway, McDonalds and Wendy’s restaurant chains. All of these restaurant chains have things in common with each other but the most important is the way they have marketing involved to make a profit off of the product they sell. Subway markets the product of subway sandwiches. The point that Subway wants to get across to their consumers is that if a person eats at Subway they will be eating healthier...

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