Defining Gender Roles Essay

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Defining gender roles
  Have you ever noticed the difference in the way kids are categorized in gender? Like blue for boys, Pink for girls and  trucks for boys, dolls for girls?  Kids are brought up differently based on their gender because of their “Gender roles”. Gender roles are defined as a set of behaviors that indicates one’s gender or the image projected by their masculine and feminine qualities, which are also society’s standards for men and women. Gender roles are what determine our future without us noticing it. The things we do as children impact our future more than we think, so boys and girls should be ...view middle of the document...

The reason why there is a low amount of girls in the class is because we were taught that a girl’s role in life is to do something like being a nurse or a kindergarten teacher because when we were younger we played with dolls and had to learn how to nurture a child.
In the article “ “No Way My Boys Are Going to Be Like That”: Parents’ responded to Children’s Gender Nonconformity”  by Emily W. Kane , Kane mentions that some parents teach their sons how to cook so their son can cook for himself, and some parents let their sons play with dolls because one day they will have to know how to take care of their kids too and some parents talk to their sons about emotions because they try to instill a sense of empathy to get them to see how other people would feel. Kane also talks about the parents that don’t let their sons play with dolls or girls because of the fear of their sons turning out to be gay or transgender, but it all comes down to the kids preference and they should be able to play with whatever they want because it may help in the future.`
The effects given by this reference is that a child will most likely conform to fit into the gender roles of society. These roles can also be seen as rules because the roles given to the child or person is what establishes your play in society, for example if a woman and a man both apply to be a kindergarten teacher the woman would most likely be hired because women are seen to be more caring and nurturing while men are seen to be aggressive and mean.. Not only do the roles affect the aspects of how people interact with each other, they affect the choices in of one’s life choices. My major is computer engineering, which is the most common male job applicant because many men were given the reference of building and other materials when younger. This established that although many boys like to build it traffics the directions of what is a male or female occupation, thus creating the conflict that you must be where you associate.
In another article by Tara Culp-Ressler “Forcing Kids To Stick To Gender Roles Can Actually Be Harmful To Their Health” Culp-Ressler explains that through a three month research...

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