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Define Democracy Essay

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Define Democracy Checkpoint
March 29, 2011
Dorthy A Logan

Democracy is a political structure. The people are allowed to vote on their government representatives and policy makers hoping to choose the right ones that will make good decisions for the people. Democracy is the way to peace having freedom and justice for all the people. That is what our country the United States is based on ...view middle of the document...

Another right that we have is the right to vote. We the people have the right to a religion and we can live without having religious constraints. We have our right as long as we so do not infringe others and their rights. The descriptions are ideal of our democracy. But in reality we live in an environment that is politically corrupt. Moral breakdown and the misuse of power really turn into a society that the powerful and wealthy make up a culture of privileges. In reality this should not rule the people but be able to serve the people. It seems as though the powerful and wealthy do not care for the people who are confined in our culture. The lower class is treated differently and their rights and right to freedom are reduced. The government has control in a lot of areas in our society and people do not show common sense to govern in themselves some examples would be driving while talking on cell phones, smoking in public places, and teaching prayer in school. Everyone has their right to their opinion and everyone might see things differently but change is very much needed in the government.

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