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Define And Differentiate Between Stereotyping, Prejudice And Discrimination. How Does Prejudice Influence Social Behavior?

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Stereotypes are defined as characteristics that are associated to members of a specific social group or category, usually based on people assuming they have similarities because of their membership. The stereotype mostly envelops around typical social groups or individuals. Moreover, the stereotype is less of the objective perception and more of the subjective assumption without proof.
On the other hand, prejudice is more commonly known as a negative attitude towards people who belong to different social groups. It is usually a biased, and unfair judgment. Prejudice exaggerates the ideas of the social group segregation, and how people from different social groups behave differently.
Discrimination is known as a behavior that is a prejudice based on the person’s membership in society. The word discrimination is often ...view middle of the document...

Take the example of job interviews. Anybody can apply for jobs interviews. The person may be of normal weight and of overweight, though there never was a written rule regarding normal weight people being more preferred, recruiters tend to be more biased to the normal weight people, especially when their job is to interact with customers. They want someone who looks “nice”, needless of their efficiency while doing their job, especially if the job requires a lot of dealing with people. The bias people have based on their body weight is usually stereotypical. The prejudice side of the example is the negative perception of the stereotype, that overweight people will not produce a work as good as normal weight people.
Prejudice will most likely lead to social conflicts between the societies. The unfair system of judgment influences other people to “judge a book by its cover”. This will also trigger an emotional challenge within people who are being treated with prejudice. They will develop the tendency of low self esteem, and the feeling of rejection will not be accepted by the individual, and cause them to alter themselves to fit into society. People who suffer from pressure are usually more vulnerable, and will affect their health. Such as people who suffer from bulimia, where they try to lose weight because of the social prejudice they face everybody because of their weight. Prejudice also occurs a lot in the racial background. Dark skinned people are prejudiced of their color. This is because people are so used to dark people being stereotyped negatively, that is why the presumption of people towards dark skinned people are more negative, thus causing them to be prejudice.
Stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination are different from one another. However, they work hand in hand, and is a chain of reactions that influence social behavior, mainly in a negative manner. One thing leads to another, and the whole cycle of negativity circulates from one person to another.

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