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Defense Of Coffee Essay

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A Vindication of Caffeine as Not Harmful
The issue of whether people should avoid ingesting caffeine has joined the ranks of other such controversial topics as fast food consumption and sugar intake. While these other substances add caloric increases to a person’s diet, caffeine, in and of itself, does not. Caffeine has been scientifically proven a safe substance; it possesses many health benefits and does not qualify as an addictive substance. Caffeine appears to have been unfairly selected as the next health villain.
What is there about caffeine to villainize? Is it fair to cast a shadow over the substance as being harmful to all simply because there is a minority population whose ...view middle of the document...

In many of the more than 19,000 studies conducted relating to caffeine, numerous health benefits are linked to its consumption. Such benefits include diabetes prevention in adults and colon cancer protection (Hein, 2006). Some attribute such benefits to the “anti-mutagenic components in … caffeine” (Other questions, 2003, p. 1) which they believe reduce the ability of organisms to transform into harmful substances (Other questions, 2003).
Aside from studies concerning the effects of caffeine on people, there also has been no public outcry to limit the availability of caffeinated beverages, due to caffeine content, to those who might abuse and/or over ingest them. A major controversy has involved removal from schools of highly caloric and sugary beverages, some of which contain caffeine (Hein, 2006). The removal of these beverages is not the result of the potential for those ingesting the beverages to become addicted to caffeine. Removal is the result of wanting to regulate the quantities of sugar and other empty calorie substances being consumed by the nation’s young people.
The concern over addiction to caffeine has no real standing since an addiction, by definition, indicates the inability to cease consumption, the constant need to obtain more of the...

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