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Declining Academic Performance Essay

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The effects of the vices mentioned earlier on health could also result to poor academic performance. Here are the proofs of declining academic performance – tardiness, absences, skipping classes, poor motivation, loss of interest – all could result to failing grades.
* Loss of interest/ poor motivation

* Poor health/ smoking
First, it may affect the physical energy level of a child which determines the time (including classroom attendance and after school educational activities) that can be used for learning. Second, it affects the child’s mental status that may have a direct impact on academic performance. Third, a child’s health status may affect the way her teachers, parents ...view middle of the document...

Even though computer games are common in our life, they have not only good effects, but also bad effects, especially to teenagers. Like for example, students tend to play games first, browse websites and make friends with new people by the use of the internet rather than studying.
Although technology and particularly computers have helped us a lot in the innovation of our world and making our work more efficient and faster, the excessive use of computer among students has become a recent problem regarding specifically on their academic performance in school. Some parameters of being a computer addict is when the person/student is already unable to fulfill the obligations at school and at home.
Gaming addiction usually begins in elementary and middle school in which they become obsessed in playing video games or computer games. By college, the student is game hooked and progresses from simple to elaborate games. When activity is used to change an individual’s mood, it is used to change an addiction. When it interrupts with one’s work or school work, or disrupts personal or family relationships, and becomes increasingly necessary to feel good, it becomes an abuse. Researchers who have studied internet use by college students claim that a small percentage of students, roughly 5-10%, may suffer harmful effects, such as craving, sleep disturbance, depression, and even withdrawal symptoms in association with excessive time online. Also gaming addiction can be very harmful o a person if not treated ahead of time because it is like stage 4 cancer, when it’s too late to treat, serious things could happen.

* Tardiness, absences & skipping classes
Tardiness is defined as the appearance of a student without proper excuse after the scheduled time that a class begins. Because of the disruptive nature of tardiness and...

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