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Decline Of Democracy In America Essay

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Decline of Democracy in America

The founding fathers didn’t create a democracy because they thought it would work

perfectly. They didn’t give people the right to vote so that everyone would find true happiness.

They knew better than to create a utopia where everyone had their own white picket fence, went

to church on Sunday and lead lives as model citizens. They understood that toes would get

stepped on, feelings would get hurt and sacrifices would happen. The founding fathers didn’t

start a revolution to make people happy, they started a revolution because they believed in the

idea that everyone had the right to equality. They founded America on the belief that ...view middle of the document...

Society in the 21st century has not learned from the mistakes made by previous

generations and still tramples on people’s rights while its leaders still masquerade under the

belief that they help society. If you took a poll, the general consensus would likely represent the

opinion that society has made huge leaps in equality since the early to mid-1900s and the

evidence seems to support that. Women and blacks can now vote, go to movies, drink water, and

get educated the same as everyone else. It would seem that equality has reached its maximum

potential today. However, when you look more closely at the facts, equality does not come to

mind. People of all walks of life experience discrimination daily. It might appear as if we cleared

the hump of women’s and racial rights a long time ago but they experience discrimination even

today. On average women make 77 cents for every dollar that men make in an equal position

(Cuokos, 1). This figure becomes even worse for women of color. This figure represents a

universal truth and not the only way that women face discrimination in the workplace.

Companies with conservative Christian leaders like Hobby Lobby have claimed the right of

freedom of religion in order to avoid providing certain contraceptives to their female employees,

and this discrimination has been endorsed by the Supreme Court. Gays have also been hit hard

by discrimination. They experience opposition from many sources but Christian groups more

than any other attack them. One school group in California attempted to get the state to fund their

anti-gay practices, also hiding behind their freedom of religion to skirt the law. (Stern, 1). To top

it off, racial tensions are still high and very much an issue today. There has been multiple

shootings that both seem to be very racially motivated. First Travon Martin in Florida and more

recently Michael Brown in Fergusson, Missouri were brutally shot, both by white men (Bouie,

1). The evidence makes it clear that we don’t live in the gem of equality and fairness everyone

makes it out to be. Discrimination is still very much alive and active in our lives and constitutes a

The government does not look out for all of its constituents’ interests and numerous

demographics live at a significant disadvantage in society while others live in the lap of luxury.

Today, the government does not function the way the founding fathers intended. As a democracy

it should work to aid and support all of its citizens, but instead many people’s interests get left by

the wayside. The middle class lives at a constant disadvantage. The middle class experiences

significant oppression from the ultra-rich in this country, especially those who run the

corporations that employ the middle class. The backbone of America’s economy faces many

problems. Each day they face the serious problem of the stagnant...

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