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Decisions In Paradise Essay

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Decisions in Paradise
Kava is a south pacific island, with an economy that revolves around a tourist industry. Nik is a student at a kava university getting his degree finished. Nik hopes to find work as soon as he graduates to help his family, which he hopes will not be a problem because he is a senior in marketing. At the moment he is an intern at a local McDonalds working under his junior manager Alex, who supervises McDonalds marketing ...view middle of the document...

Nik is working under Alex looking for and working with the local television stations and newspapers to make ads for McDonalds. Alex is always willing to receive new ideas from his staff including the interns. For their next best move in marketing, new and fresh ideas as Alex would say are always a good source. Kava is much like Hawaii climate wise and you know what that means, tropical! Tourists as you would expect come in flocks to experience the beautiful details of the island. This means tourism has become a source of income. This worries many residents that tourism will become too much to handle and will negatively impact the reefs, recourses, and other natural local details.
Defining issues in kava
Kava is regularly hit by natural disasters, which I would imagine as a hard and frightful condition to live in. the government branches that really need to help kava due to these natural issues are the local, state, and national levels along with community organizations, the faith based groups, and even businesses.
The diverse population in kava is created by the different religious beliefs, attitudes, different ethnicities and ideologies. These are liabilities that lead to conflicts within

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