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eciDsion Making Styles
Decision making style basically depends on managers' approach to decision making. Decision making style propose that people differ in two dimensions when they approach decision making. The first is an individual's way of thinking and second is individual's tolerance for ambiguity. On the basis of the way of thinking and tolerance for ambiguity, decision making styles may be classified as directive, analytic, conceptual and behavioral.

1. Directive Decision Making Style
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2. Analytic Decision Making Style
Managers using analytic decision making style have much greater tolerance for ambiguity and rational way of thinking. They want more information before making a decision and also consider more alternatives. Such managers are more careful decision makers as they consider factual and detailed information before taking any decision. They have the ability to adapt or cope with unique situations.

3. Conceptual Decision Making Style
Managers using conceptual decision making style have high tolerance for ambiguity and have intuitive in their way of thinking. They  look at many alternatives. They focus on the long run and are very good at finding suitable solutions..

4. Behavioral Decision Making Style
Managers using behavioral decision making style have low tolerance for ambiguity and intuitive in their way of thinking. They are concerned about the achievement of subordinates and always take suggestions from others. They organize meetings of subordinates time and again to get information and suggestions. However, they try to avoid conflict. Acceptance by others is important to this decision making style. 

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