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Decision Making Process Paper

362 words - 2 pages

Decision-Making Process Paper
Ashley Turner
August 15th, 2012
Scott Romeo
University of Phoenix


Decision making is a cognitive process resulting in a final choice. The process is a part of an individual’s everyday life. There are several factors that influence why individuals make the decision they do. The paper will describe each step of the decision making process. How similar self-decision are to the ones described in the text and how that decision could have been different if you had used the same steps ...view middle of the document...

These concept all impact the decision making process. (DIETRICH, 2010).The decisions to go to school for me was difficult .I had to overlook all the positives and negatives before I made my decision. First I thought about how going to school could better my future. How it could impact my relationship with my family and how going to school could affect my time. Even though I wanted to go to school my past experiences in high school effected my decision to go sooner. I believed that school would better my chances of getting a better job. I had to think about the decision, and then analyze all possibilities and the things that could affect me then finally I came to the conclusion to attend school.
Individual should learn to make decisions more effect. The way I have made make decsion are borderline to the one explained in the text

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