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Decade Of 80's In Pakistan Essay

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The decade of 80’s has been a turning point for women in Pakistan. The imposition of Islamisation created unrest amongst women as they were forced to stay back in their houses because, apparently, working with men was against the laws of Islam. At that time, there was a common idea circulating amongst them that they should be given equal opportunities like men. This makes us think if they truly have the rights of being heard before being accused. A number of events of women harassment took place during the Zia regime, under the name of Islamisation. One of whom is, “… More than 70 percent of women in police custody experience physical or sexual abuse at the hands of their jailers…” (Thomas ...view middle of the document...

point out that there are many lingering stereotypes about issues confronting poor women in cities that are no longer accurate and which have to be replaced by recognition of the new realities such women are experiencing” (Weiss 15), but according to Mullahs, women in public were a sign of prostitutes in the eyes of Islamic Law but if women are still willing to work; they should wear the Afghan burqa (Marsden 406). This caused most of the women to quit their jobs, even if it welcomed financial issues, remain confined to their houses and in some cases they weren’t even allowed to visit their neighbors. Especially after the Green Revolution, that took place in the 1970’s; a lot of Technological developments took place in the primary sector. These included new ways of farming like the use of tractors and fertilizers. Not every farmer could afford these so a lot of them had to join the military or work in the remaining agricultural businesses as laborers, where they would seldom get their complete pays on time. As a result, men eligible to work in most of the houses were absent making it difficult for the women to manage the internal and external chores, especially in a place where Islamisation was at its peaks. Women, being in charge at home, had to do something about it. Some of them started doing indoor jobs, like sewing. Ladies, on behalf of companies, would come and give them the material and instructions to work with, at their homes, and would later on come by to collect the finished goods, when it’s done. These way women worked and avoided scandals too. The others protested against these laws as being extreme and not what the religion actually preaches. They opposed their families and joined the Women’s Organizations, because of which they suffered tremendously. The government tried to stop them by lathi charge and even jailing them. But they were stimulated and the only way to stop them was by giving them their ‘Actual’ rights, not the ones Mullahs reserved for them. “(Mullahs, according to these women, were) hypocrites who were perverting the ‘true’ teachings of Islam for their political benefit” (Mardsen 406): as Pakistan was an Islamic country, and for many it was formed to protect their religious rights, so having a political party that worked on the absolute basis of Islam was like advertising and not having to pay for its costs.
A famously known incident was of a famous social activist named Aamina who was from Chitral. She, very strongly, stood against the extremist Shariah laws. Once a couple came to her house saying they wanted to get married but their parents wouldn’t agree due to status issues. The boy was from a mediocre family whereas the girl belonged to a wealthy Chitrali family. So, they ran away but didn’t know if they should secretly marry or return home because of the fear of how their families would react once they would find out. Also that they asked a number of Mullahs to undertake the marriage ceremony but none of...

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