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Death Penalty For Juveniles Essay

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Death Penalty for Juveniles
Loren L Broadwater
February 8, 2016
Dr. Pamela Knothe

Death Penalty for Juveniles
In society today, the discussion of Capital Punishment - or the Death penalty - is a highly controversial subject. The political correctness stance that the country has taken only compounds the discussion exponentially. The death penalty is often associated with heinous crimes that are committed by adults. Capital punishment is highly publicized by the media when adults commit senseless acts against humanity. When adults are placed on death row society acknowledges that justice has been served. However, adults aren’t the only members of the community that commit unspeakable acts of crime. Juveniles also have been arrested for murder, charged as ...view middle of the document...

When young adults choose to break the law they need to be held accountable for those actions. “Do the crime and do the time”, is the philosophy for adults. When someone under the age of eighteen commits the same type of murder, they deserve to be held accountable. That is the law. Juveniles at seventeen aren't any different than those at eighteen years of age. At what age do we apply the death penalty? Should there be a minimum age to sentence a juvenile to death? Who decides that age? What parameters will be used to set the age? The opinion of this writer is that each case has to stand by alone. Each juvenile is as unique as the crimes they commit. There has to an in-depth investigation into the crime along with an investigation of the psychological background of the youth who committed the crime. Details from past criminal activity, mental stability, family history, and most importantly age should all be considered before a juvenile is sentenced to death. In addition to a scientific investigation, a moral and ethical evaluation should be completed. Many of the adjudicated youth of today have no value for life. This is because they have never been taught the difference between right and wrong. An understanding of the principles of life is crucial to having respect for the value of life.
Individuals have their opinion on what age a juvenile should be held accountable for a heinous crime so much that their punishment is the death penalty. It must be determined whether or not anyone who commits a murder is competent enough to pay the price of giving up their life for taking someone else’s life. Once the information is studied and a juvenile has been found competent to be charged and convicted as an adult then, and only then, a sentence of death can be handed down.

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