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Dear Respondents Essay

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Dear Respondents,

We are the 4th year Marketing Management students of Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance from Far Eastern University. We are conducting survey in able to achieve our requirements. The information that we’ll gather will serve as our raw data for our Feasibility Study. We are requesting you to answer the following questions for our research and we are assuring you that every detail collected will be treated at utmost confidentiality and will only be used in classroom setting. ...view middle of the document...

1. Have you ever let your kids play in a playpen while doing your personal activities?

Figure 1: Survey Results if the kids play in a playpen.

The survey results say that 81% of our respondents have left their children in a play pen while doing grocery, while 19% said they haven't.

Figure2: Survey Results what are the usually the parents consider before leaving their children at the playpens

The survey results indicate that half of the respondents prioritize safety of the service first before anything else.

Figure3: Survey Result how often usually the parents go to mall

The survey results indicate that 55% of mothers go to the mall 4-7 times a week.

Figure4: Survey Result how often parents leave their children
in the play pens

Survey results indicate that 40% of parents leave let their children play at playpens in every visit, 35% for sometimes, and 15% for never.

Figure5: Survey Result what changes would like to see on traditional play pen

A result says all respondents want all of these categories to be developed by playpen service.

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