Database Security Essay

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* Security in Database System
* GROUP 5:
* Chandra Muthineni
Marat Talantov
Bharath Rao
Sinan Albayrak
* Agenda
* Introduction
* Threats Of DataBase Security
* Classification of Database Security
* Process of Creating Database Architecture
* Advantages
* Conclusion
* Q & A
* References
* Introduction
* Database security is a crucial area that a firm should enhance in order to run its day to day activities smoothly.
* It is a deliberate effort to protect an organization data against threats such ...view middle of the document...

* Design and model the system
* Deployment
* Management and support
* Sharing
* Privacy
* Consistency
* Decision Making
* Productivity
* The paper has generally discussed the database security concerns and research into various issues surrounding the sector.
* Database security research paper has attempted to explore the issues of threats that may be poised to database system.
* The paper has also discussed the requirements that are set for a robust database management system.
* Lastly, the paper has looked at the process for managing a database system and has discussed all the steps that need to be taken.
* Q & A
* Kumar et al Managing Cyber threats: Issues, Approaches and Challenges Springer Publishers, 2005.
* S. Singh, Database systems: Concepts, Design and applications New Delhi: Pearson Education India, 2009.
* S. Sumanthi, Fundamentals of relational database management systems Berlin: Springer, 2007.
* P, Singh Database management system concept V.K (India) Enterprises, 2009.
* Coronel et al Database System Design, implementation and management Cengage Learning, 2012.

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