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Database Management Chapter 2 Essay

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1. Besides redundancy, what other problems are associated with the nondatabase approach to processing data? Another problem with the nondatabase approach is accessing related data. In order to access data that is related to one another, you would have to open multiple spreadsheets, nondatabase systems also have way less security features than a database system.
2. What is a relationship? A one to many relationship? A relationship is an association between entities. A one-to-many relationship is a relationship where one entity is related to a group of entities, and everything in that group of ...view middle of the document...

4. What is a DBMS? DBMS stands for database management system, which is a program, or collection of programs, through which users interact with a database.
5. What is a form? A form is screen object used to maintain, view, and print data from a database.
6. What is meant by the sharing of data? Sharing data allows many different users to have access to the same data, if one user changes or updates that data the changes will be visible to all users.
7. How does consistency result from controlling redundancy? Without redundancy there is more efficiency, and with efficiency comes consistency?
8. What is security? How does a DBMS provide security? Security is the prevention of unauthorized access to the database. A DBMS provides security by assigning passwords to authorized users. A DBMS can also assign users to groups, and all the users in those groups can be restricted from certain data.
9. How is file size a disadvantage in a database environment? File size is a disadvantage because a database is a large program that occupies a great deal of disk space and memory.
10. Why can a failure in a database environment be more serious than an error in a nondatabase environment? A database is a lot more complex than a nondatabase system. If there is an error in a database everyone who is using that database will be affected, but in a nondatabase system a failure will only affect one system.

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