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Database Design Paper

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Database Design Paper
March 09, 2015

Database Design Paper
A database is a computer structure that organizes a collection of data so that it can be accessed, updated and managed as fast and efficiently as possible. There are several classifications of databases, “For example, databases can be classified by the number of users supported, where the data are located, the type of data stored, the intended data usage, and the degree to which the data are structured. The number of users determines whether the database is classified as single-user or multiuser. A single-user database supports only one user at a ...view middle of the document...

When the database is used by the entire organization and supports many users (more than 50, usually hundreds) across many departments, the database is known as an enterprise database” (Coronel, Morris, & Rob, 2013, p. 9). Database architecture describes the rules that dictate how data is stored in a database and how data is accessed by components of a system. Database management software, such as Oracle, is designed to handle the data and store them so that accessing, and updating any part of the data is easier and more efficient. Data storage management is also important for database performance tuning. “Performance tuning relates to the activities that make the database perform more efficiently in terms of storage and access speed” (Coronel, Morris, & Rob, 2013, p.24 ). In my place of employment a database management system, called Axiom, and uses a NoSQL model, is used to receive and store raw data that is input by a user. This data can then be accessed by anyone within the organization, which would classify the organization’s database as an enterprise database.

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tabase design paper

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