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Data management is one of the grey areas that every organization endeavors to improve almost daily. Most important is the data cleaning and data transformation processes. In actual sense, relational database offers a solution to this menace. Data organization, keeping, storage, and retrieval among other essentials can easily be realized by adopting relational data management model. In this kind of model, tables are made use of in such a way that data items are formally described and organized according to their level of relations. The data item contained in a given table represents a relation. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that through the use of relational database model, an organization can be able to effectively manage their wide range of information encountered on a daily basis. Relational database model offers a more efficient means of managing data. Some of the huge ...view middle of the document...

The advantages of a relational database are that they contribute to sound logical design, are easy to understand and program, and should be amenable to change as business requirements change. The main earlier systems include file-based systems and Codasyl databases. File-based systems were complex and tended to be inherently restrictive and quickly reached the point where a complete rewrite became necessary if business requirements changed. Codasyl databases were a vast improvement on the old file-based systems, but required a high level of expertise to design properly and, once again, tended to be unable to support changes to business requirements. Because a properly designed relational database reflects business entities and the relationships among those entities, they should be more logical and easier to understand. If the business structure or requirements change in any logical way, the database can be changed in a parallel way, to support those requirements. Relational databases are designed at two levels. First, there is a logical design, normalised at third normal form - where there should not be duplicate data values. Then, there is a physical design, where any necessary denormalisation is carried out.
Relational databases have an excellent security. A relational database supports access permissions, which allow the database administrator to implement need-based permissions to the access of the data in database tables. Relational databases support the concept of users and user rights, thus meeting the security needs of databases. Relations are associated with privileges like create privilege, grant privilege, select, insert and delete privileges, which authorize different users for corresponding operations on the database.
Data integrity in relational database is a method of ensuring that the integrity of the set relationships remains legitimate during the data processing operations. The rules of integrity are designed to prevent the case of orphaned table records on the side of relationships.

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