Data Storage And Architecture Essay

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Data Storage and Architecture
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Commerce is the conducting of business; it could be buying, selling, marketing, or providing services. The newer forms of commerce are electronic commerce (e-commerce) and mobile commerce (m-commerce). The types of e-commerce are business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer. The traditional commerce practice required consumers to buy at a retail location, order from catalogs over the phone, or fill out order forms to mail in. These processes where lengthy and inconvenient to consumers needing products fast or even business needing a rush order could still take weeks. E-commerce emerged eliminating the ...view middle of the document...

In learning about different countries, a key factor to keep in mind is the type of business and what product is being sold. There are many Middle-eastern countries that do not believe women should wear pants, so a website with women models in pants or even selling pants would not be successful in certain societies. Countries that do not believe in woman having power would not support a business known to be run by women due to personal morals.
Language challenges
The challenges of communication lies whether we a dealing with commerce or not. In most countries there are immigrants that speak another language and if not fluent in that country’s national language then it is a problem. There are many products that have the most known languages interpreted on them or available for use. In e-commerce it is a little more difficult to cater to all the language barriers due to not knowing who will view your site. In America, we cater mostly to Spanish and French when offering translations on products. There are even job bonuses for being bi-lingual to help with sales of the company. In e-commerce there may have these options available but if an individual from Russia wants to order from your site and is not fluent in English then the sale or transaction could be lost. A way to save this business is to “reduce text in images” and “to make sure your layout can survive machine translations” according to (Miller 2010). Translation is key when businesses are global because not all translation services available online does not always interpret the original message correctly. The online services interpret word for word and many times it distorts the message. It is important to have someone to proofread the translated messages so that the language is correct for the audience it will have.
Time and distance challenges
E-commerce is online and the time of day should not matter and if the company is global they are willing to ship to any destination. Time and distance are seen as non-factors from the consumer standpoint because it is simply ordering off the internet. According to Miller (2010) the major things to research when conducting business internationally are: “export and import laws; custom and custom duties, increased shipping and delivery time; increased processing time; returns and special handling; and maintaining a positive customer experience.” These all have to be addressed in each and every country a company does business with. The overall goal is to maintain the positive customer experience and if shipping, processing, and delivery estimations are not properly given to the consumer then they want refunds and it is bad for business. International shipping companies such as; FedEx, UPS and DHL have made shipping internationally and expedited easier and more efficient than regular postal mail service which enhances e-commerce business. Time and time zones specifications must be properly addressed when promotions end on specific dates and times.

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