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Project Overview
When you build on the Manage Base Benefitsadministration business, you can automate eligibility checking and respond to Human Resource events that might affect benefits.Also one can enroll on the bases of your eligibility and event rules and ...view middle of the document...

We need to determine the participants who are eligible for the benefits in the benefits administrations system. This is done with respect to the three departments i.e. finance, third party and the payroll department. If the 3 departments find the person missing the minimum threshold then the person is not eligible to the benefits program. We need to create and develop enrollment forms and deliver the forms to the participants of the program. Data has to be entered by the participants showing their elections choices. Validation of the employee election is done by the system. Now the analysis of the processing, enrollment and enrollment data is collected by the finance, payroll and the third party management. These three parties now calculate the benefits and the dues they are supposed to pay and intimate the amount to the payroll department which accumulates all the data and calculates the final amount. Now the payments are processed and the delivery of the election confirmation forms is collected by the central server.
Hence the benefits administration is fully optimized for the working of a department.




In the earlier system the employee response wasn’t time bound which lead to the total...

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